Samira Haghighat

Our case was already rejected by two other migrant agents, who after moving our case to a certain point concluded that we don’t have any real chances of getting a visa. I contacted Charbel in sheer desperation, and to our surprise he advised us that he is actually able to help us with our application. Throughout our journey, Charbel proved to be remarkably professional, even in circumstances which were extremely stressful to both parties.

I have only seen such professionalism, style and ability to write official letters and communications in a well-trained immigration practitioner. He showed a great deal of patience. He was always very concise, informative and accessible through his emails, and answered all of our questions, no matter how redundant or emotionally-driven they were. 

Above all of these, Charbel’s vast knowledge of immigration options was something I am yet to see in any other renowned migrant agent. He takes the time to find a solution, and very meticulous at that. I would like to call him creative, but it is more his knowledge of the Australian immigration system that has empowered him with the “magic” that he has. I believe our case was a very difficult one, an almost impossible situation.

It was truly a dream, one that Charbel helped us fulfil. Still to this moment the thought of holding my sister in my arms brings me to tears. Thank you, Charbel, you made this happen.  We are forever in debt to you.