Our desire is to provide the most effective communication strategy that meets our client’s needs, and is compliant with our responsibilities as Registered Migration Agents. 

In order to do so, we’ve developed best practices in relation to the way we communicate with our clients.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for registered migration agents prescribes our legal obligations towards our clients. 

The aims of the Code include: 

  • to establish a proper standard for the conduct of a registered migration agent
  • to set out the minimum attributes and abilities that a person must demonstrate to perform as a registered migration agent under the Code
  • being able to perform diligently and honestly
  • being able and willing to deal fairly with clients
  • having enough knowledge of business procedure to conduct business as a registered migration agent, including record keeping and file management
  • properly managing and maintaining client records
  • to establish a standard for a prudent system of office administration; 

Phone Calls 

Migration Agents are legally required to maintain records of every substantive or material oral communication with their clients.

Clients are required to schedule a teleconference in advance whenever they would like to speak to their migration agent. Clients receive direct access to their migration agents calendar and can schedule a call back at times when their representative is available. Scheduled calls are prioritised over returning missed or unscheduled calls.

The aim of this best practice is to –

  • avoid the time that is wasted by playing phone tag.
  • guarantees the client’s request will not be intercepted by other matters that can and do arise in an average day for a migration agent. 
  • allows the migration agent to create a record of your enquiry and the advice you were given, as required under Part 6 of the Code of Conduct.

Email Communication

Emails are checked three times each day, usually in the morning, around midday and at the end of day, except on weekends and on public holidays. 

Our goal is to respond to most emails within 1-2 working days. However, it is the nature of the migration process that unexpected disruptions may occur, which can interrupt the planned schedule of the day. 

Whatsapp Messaging and SMS

We are unable to respond to messages from clients received via Whatsapp (or any other social media platform) and SMS. Our obligation to maintain records of client communication means that we are required to pass on the additional cost of compliance to our clients or to refrain from engaging in this practice altogether.

We have a WhatsAPP channel for client communication based on the WhatsApp API in development. Access to our channel will be available to the general public. Please subscribe here to be notified of our channel release date. 

Progress Updates

Registered Migration Agents must keep the client fully informed in writing of the progress of each case that the agent undertakes for the client. CNA Immigration provides progress updates by email on a monthly basis. 

Client Portal Access

All client documents must be supplied through the CNA Immigration client portal. We operate on a paperless basis. Clients who provide hard copies of their documentation are subject to an additional administrative cost for the scanning, destruction and recycling of their paper documents. Client information and documents are secured in a three tiered mechanism utilising AWS, Dropbox and Google servers.