Subclass 155 (Resident Return) Visa

Another CNA Immigration Success Story

Our client was in Australia as the holder of a temporary visa, engaged our immigration services for assistance with a Subclass 155 (Resident Return) visa. She was an Australian Permanent Resident for more than 27 years before our first meeting and had a complex visa history.

Our migration agent commenced a preliminary assessment to determine whether the following requirements for a Subclass 155 (Resident Return) visa will be met –

  • Did our client show any substantial business, cultural, employment or personal ties that benefit Australia?
  • Was there a compelling enough reason for the significant 27 year period that our client was absent from Australia?

The preliminary assessment allowed us to recommend the Subclass 155 (Resident Return) for the applicant. We are pleased to confirm the permanent residence application for our client was approved. She was kind enough to provide the unedited testimonial below –


We are pleased to confirm the Subclass 155 (Resident Return) Visa application was a success and our client’s permanent residence was reinstated despite the significant period of absence from Australia.