Request for Ministerial Intervention

We were approached by our client after a failed attempt by a lawyer to convince the Minister for Immigration to intervene. Our clients were expected to report to the compliance department with the expectation they had made adequate arrangements for their departure from Australia.


Following a careful review of our client’s documents, including a copy of the previous request made to the Minister, we felt the previous request lodged to the Minister failed to articulate any of the applicant’s unique or exceptional circumstances where the Minister may intervene and substitute a favourable decision. 

The first request lodged to the Minister had reiterated on our clients Protection and RRT visa decisions that we felt were irrelevant to the circumstances where the Minister could lawfully intervene.

We proceeded with submitting a further request for Ministerial Intervention based on the circumstances the lawyer who acted for our client previously had failed to disclose.


The Minister for Immigration intervened and substituted a favourable decision. Our client was permitted to remain in Australia.