Things you need to know about the Subclass 485 (Temporary Graduate) visa

A temporary graduate (subclass 485) visa is a type of visa offered to a qualified and skilled international student that has graduated recently. It allows one to work, study and live in Australia for a limited period. Depending on your condition, as discussed with your immigration agent, it can be valid from 18 months to a maximum period of 4 years. There are two types of temporary graduate visa granted in Australia. These are…

Graduate Work-Stream Visa

It is a type of visa granted to students who have been studying in Australia for at least two years. The applicant must also select an occupation from the Australian Skilled Occupation List (SOL). The occupation selected should correlate with the course of study of the applicant. This type of visa is valid for 18 months.

Post-study work Visa

It is a visa granted to students who have already acquired a Higher or Bachelor’s degree from an Australian based institution. It is valid for a maximum period of 4 years. The period granted depends on the qualification of the applicant, as discussed with your immigration agent. There is no occupation list for the post study work stream visa. The area of specialisation is not relevant provided the student has completed their study at the right level. 

For one to be eligible for the Subclass 485 Visa, he or she must be aged less than 50 years. The applicant should also be proficient in English, determined by taking a test. Holding an eligible visa is key for the success of the application. In addition to this, the applicant must have completed their studies in Australia and be able to fulfil various stream requirements.

Acquiring a temporary graduate visa has several benefits. One such benefit is being able to include dependent members of your family such as your spouse, dependent children and other dependent relatives. This will allow the mentioned family members to stay in Australia temporarily and be able to work, study and travel.

The Subclass 485 visa provides the holder with full work and study rights. The visa holder can travel freely to and from Australia during the validity period of the visa. Further details can be provided to you by a migration agent in Sydney.