Questions To Ask Your Migration Agent in Sydney

Going through the Australian immigration process is a daunting process, and for years most successful migrants praise the support and guidance of Migration Agents in Sydney, crediting their knowledge to the success of their application.

Time with your migration agent is valuable; to get the most out of your time with your Australian immigration agent, we recommend asking specific questions to help manage your uncertainty. In this article, we take you through the key questions to ask your migration agent to help better the outcome of your application and to save you the precious time with your agent!

How long is the process?

What Australian migration agents in Sydney can help you understand is the processing time of your application, the likely timeframe from the moment you submit your paperwork to the time of your approval. The migration agent understands the average time for your type of application, how long it usually takes to hear a response, how long the additional documentation should typically take to acquire, and any issues that may you slow you down. Time is extremely sensitive during this period, and your agent is happy to provide you with the realities of how long most applications will take.

Do I have the right visa for my situation?

One of the most confusing aspects of the immigration process is the visa options, and it’s your responsibility to find the right type of visa to suit your situation. This pressure is stressful, and can often lead to applicants either choosing the wrong kind of visa or insufficiently researching other potential options. Your immigration agent in Sydney is the perfect source to review your specific visa application with, as they can evaluate your situation and recommend better solutions based on your needs.

What speed bumps am I likely to incur?

Even with the help of an immigration agent, every applicant will experience issues during their application process. While these issues may have occurred from something in your application, or external sources outside of your control, these road bumps will slow down your application or require more work from you. Your immigration agent can prepare you with these possible issues, helping you work through what to expect when these scenarios occur and how to avoid them pre-emptively.

What are the reasons my application might be rejected?

Most applicants don’t want to contemplate the possibility that their Australian immigration application might get rejected; however, this is a genuine likelihood. It’s essential to understand why this might happen and the reasons why applications like yours aren’t successful, so you can accurately manage your expectations and stress during the process.

As leading migration agents in Sydney, we are here to help you navigate this stressful and lengthy process; contact us today to get your Australian immigration application started the right way!