The Five Things You Didn’t Know About The Australian Immigration Process

Applying for an Australian visa can be tough; there are many hurdles you need to jump, countless requirements you must meet, and the stress of the unknown can cause apprehension and hardship, especially for young families.

It isn’t until you have completed the entire Australian immigration process that you have a true understanding of what is required from you, and a clear picture of what happens. In this article, we take you through some of the unknown parts of the immigration process, dispelling widespread myths, and providing you with a clearer understanding of what will likely happen.


Applying for an Australian Visa isn’t free; you are required to pay fees and application costs, and this is without the guarantee of the application being approved. You may also incur costs to complete assessments and to provide additional documentation from accountants or other independent experts, who may charge you for their time. Therefore, it’s essential you have the funds to support your decision.

Time frames

While there is no set time frame for the entire Australian immigration process, as each application type is different for every person, it’s safe to say that the process isn’t quick. Many factors can slow down the process, including how long it takes you to complete the documentation, the processing time, and dealing with any follow-ups or questions that have arisen from your application.

Eligibility Criteria

Each application has certain criteria you must meet to successfully be granted an Australian visa. These criteria can be highly specific, and failing to meet any one of the criteria indicators could result in your application being denied. A migration agent is the best resource to ensure you have met the specific eligibility criteria for each type of application; as they know intimately what each visa requires, a migration agent can help you find the right visa for you, and ensure you are eligible before you apply.

Document Preparation

Supporting documentation for your visa eligibility and application is a common demand from the Australian immigration process. While some people assume you simply fill in a visa application form and submit, you will likely need to provide evidence to support your employment, relationship status, health, and living situation. This document preparation can be extensive, so consulting with a migration agent on this is wise, so you don’t spend time or effort on unnecessary documentation.


Any immigration process is stressful, however, it’s essential not to underestimate the rollercoaster you will embark on. The reward of becoming an Australian citizen will be worth it, but the time, worry and effort will all add up quickly during this process. Arm yourself with expert advice and support people to help you manage the process smoothly.

Are you about to embark on the Australian immigration process, and need a Migration Agent in Sydney? Contact us today to discuss your application, and let us guide you through the entire process!