Client service guarantee by our Migration Agents

It’s a new year, with new resolutions and procedures that our Migration Agents in Sydney will strictly apply to our workflow and client procedures. Our Migration Agents now follow a strict procedure designed to ensure their ongoing availability to provide your visa application with the attention it deserves.

CNA Immigration provides its service guarantee by limiting the total number of new clients our Migration Agents can agree to represent each month. The number of new clients our Migration Agents can accept is dependent on the number of any pre-existing obligations to our current clients that we are expected to meet.

Our new approach is focussed on the best interests of our clients. We hope that you will gain a better understanding of our new procedure by taking a closer look at the strict guidelines that are adopted by our Migration Agents in their interactions with ‘new’ and ‘current’ clients.

Step 1 – Initial Assessment 

Your Migration Agents first step is to ensure that you are able to satisfy the requirements for your visa. The initial part of your journey ensures that your Migration Agents advice is in compliance with Clause 2.7(C) of the Migration Agents Code of Conduct. Clause 2.7(C) states that ‘Migration Agents ‘must not hold out unsubstantiated or unjustified prospects of success when advising clients (orally or in writing) on applications under the Migration Act or Migration Regulations’.

In order to accept you as a client, our Registered Migration Agents in Sydney must be satisfied with your ability to meet the legal requirements for the approval of your visa or sponsorship. 

Step 2 – Client Proposal and Agreement

When you decide to appoint CNA Immigration as your agent, you are provided with a client agreement that sets out the services to be performed and the conditions of our engagement. Your client agreement is issued in accordance with the Migration Agents compliance obligations under Part 5 of the Migration Agents Code of Conduct. The code states that before starting work, a Migration Agent is required to give the client an estimate of charges for the service to be performed. 

Step 2 – Initial Client Payment

Once your agreement has been signed, our professional costs are paid into our Client Money Account before we commence work on your case. 

In accordance with Part 7.1 of the Migration Agents Code of Conduct, a client account is used by Registered Migration Agents to collect money paid in advance to the agent or fees and disbursements. 

Once your initial payment is received, your visa or review application enters your Migration Agents workflow. It is important that all new clients understand how our Migration Agents manage their workload. 

CNA Immigration restricts the number of new clients a Migration Agent can accept each month in order to guarantee that pre-existing obligations to current clients will be met. The number of new clients our agents will agree to help is dependent on the number of any pre-existing obligations to our clients at the time your request is received.

If we accept too many new requests, then we are unable to effectively serve our existing clients to the required standard. It is in the best interest of any new client to know their decision to become a CNA Immigration client, they will be served effectively, competently and diligently at all times.

We feel that it is an unacceptable practice to delay a current client because a new client has entered into the agents workflow. 

In order to manage the conflicts between new client requests and a high standard of service to our current clients, we strictly limit the number of clients we can accept each month.

Step 3 – Client Liaison / Case Preparation

When your visa application enters your agents workflow, you are provided with an individualised document request based on your specific circumstances.  Your Migration Agent begins to work with you to help gather the information and documents required for your Australian visa application.  

The time it will take to prepare a visa application for submission is dependent on the individual clients and the overall complexity of their case.

Step 4 – Following Up 

Your migration agent will contact you each month to request an update on any outstanding documents. This practice helps ensure that your agent is never overcommitted, and has the capacity to submit your visa application without unnecessary delay. To ensure that your agent is never overcommitted, CNA Immigration limits the number of new clients we agree to help each month. 

What does the strict application of our new procedures mean for our ‘new’ and ‘current’ clients?

Our goal is to help as many clients as possible without compromising the effective delivery of our results-oriented immigration services. Both new and current clients of CNA Immigration are provided with certainty in their migration agents ability to provide an exceptionally high standard of service as quickly as possible.

Please monitor our Australian Immigration blog for more information about our client service-oriented procedures in the weeks ahead.