How to be stress free when applying for an Australian visa

Now that you’ve decided to engage a migration agent, it’s a load off your mind. What’s next? For most, it’ll likely be anxieties and stresses of waiting for the outcome. They can bring daily life to a halt. After all, not many people know how to wait well – a concept put forward by Dr Kate Sweeny from the University of California.

In this article, we share some tips on how you can manage the anxieties and stresses of waiting. They may work differently on different people. But in the least, you’ll have a coping mechanism to turn to.

1. Manage expectations

There’s nothing wrong with worrying. In itself, feeling negative is not a bad thing. The key is not to be held ransom by it. Staying optimistic helps too. It might help you to think clearly of your response, whatever the outcome may be. As long as you have ticked the boxes and provided the right evidence, you’ve done your part.

2. Contingency plans

As stated, don’t be held ransom by negative thoughts. It puts you in a state of paralysis. This prevents you from thinking of alternative plans in the event the outcome is unfavourable. The best thing you can do while waiting is to explore other possibilities with your migration agent. A clear mind helps.

3. Stay busy

Your life should not stop while waiting for the outcome. Pursue other activities that take your mind off the outcome. When you have found it or them, stay in the flow.

4. Mindfulness

You might have heard of this practice. It’s time for you to practice it. Mindfulness keeps you in the present, not the past or future. Neither of the two is within your control. Practicing mindfulness creates a clear mind, which in turn helps you cope with uncertainties and manage expectations.

Choosing the right migration agent is the start of your new journey. While the destination is unknown or uncertain, ensuring the journey is peaceful despite the occasional bumps is important. Speak to us today about how we can help you get started on that journey.