Commencement of the Subclass 870 (Sponsored Parent) Visa

The Subclass 870 Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa will commence on 17 April 2019. This visa is designed to allow the parents of Australian citizens, permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens to spend three or five years in Australia with their children.

Unlike other parent visas, the Subclass 870 visa does not require the parent to meet the Balance of Family Test. However, the parent must have a child who is a permanent resident, an Australian citizen or is an eligible New Zealand citizen.

The child must first be approved as a sponsor prior to the parent being able to apply for the Subclass 870 visa. The child will need to meet the character requirements and demonstrate a minimum household income of $83,454.80

Subclass 870 visa holders will not have work rights. Parents must demonstrate they have access to sufficient funds or financial support for themselves for the duration of their visa.

The Subclass 870 visa does not lead to Australian permanent residency. Eligible parents can stay in Australia for a maximum of 10 years on this visa. There is no minimum or maximum age limit for the visa applicant.

The Subclass 870 visa is capped at 15,000 visa grants each year. Once this cap is reached, there will be no further 870 visas will granted until the following visa year. The Australian migration program resets on 1 July each year.

The visa application fee is $5,000 for a visa of up to three years and $10,000 for a visa of up to five years. It has not been made clear is this amount is per applicant, or per couple. The fee is paid in two parts with the part one on application and part two prior grant of the 870 visa. The cost of becoming a sponsor is $420.00