Australian Citizenship Reforms

The Australian government will now reform the countries citizenship laws to ensure that applicants are held to a higher standard. These changes are based on feedback received from the 2016 Productivity Commission Report, titled ‘Migrant Intake Into Australia and the National Consultation on Citizenship, conducted by Senator the Hon Concetta Fierravanti-Wells and the Hon Philip Ruddock MP in 2015’. 

The proposed Australian citizenship reforms include:

  • Applicants passing a higher-standard English test.
  • Applicants to have lived as a permanent resident of Australia for a minimum of four years. Currently, the permanent residence requirement is only for 1 year.
  • The citizenship test being amended to include more meaningful questions that assess an applicants understanding of and commitment to Australian values.
  • Applicants being required to integrate into the Australian community, eg – employment, being a member of a community organisation and school enrolment (for eligible children).
  • Applicants who fail three attempts at the citizenship test will have a two-year ban imposed on further applications.
  • Applicants who attempt to cheat during the citizenship test will receive an automatic fail.

The above requirements will now apply to all new Australian citizenship applications.