4 tips to find a reliable Migration Agent in Sydney

If you’re thinking about relocating to Australia either for work, to study or to pursue permanent residency, you’ll need help from a Registered Migration Agent in Sydney. A trustworthy Migration Agent will help you make informed decisions as well as guide you through the Australian visa application process. If you are based outside of Australia, here are four tips to assist you finding a reliable Migration Agent who can help.

Confirm the agent is registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority in Australia

In Australia, all migration agents must be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) before they can offer migration services, assistance and consultation. MARA is the governing body for all Migration Agents in Australia, and its role is to safeguard consumer rights. It does this by ensuring that all registered agents are appropriately qualified and recognise their obligations and customers seeking migration services know their rights. The MARA also monitors migration agents for the quality of immigration support, the integrity of conduct, and handles consumer complains competently. You should check out their site to confirm whether an agent is registered officially. 

Do further research about the Migration Agency

You should first go through the agent’s website to learn more about their operations before visiting their offices or contacting them. Here, you get to know who they are, the duration they have been in business, and their customer feedback. You also need to check out their Google+, and Facebook pages, particularly the feedback section to get an idea regarding their performance and customer ratings. Moreover, if you wish to consider more migration agencies, you can also search for a city or state-specific keywords like ‘top migration agents in Sydney’.

Ask about the Migration Agent’s relevant experience

You should always inquire from the migration agent the duration they have been in operation as well as expertise in handling the appropriate visa. Therefore, you should look for an agent with extensive experience as they usually are well informed about all the possible issues you might encounter. This allows them to prepare in advance how to handle any complicated situation that arises. To verify the experience of the migration agent, you can ask them questions directly or research through social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

A dependable migration agent provides you with accurate assessments. You should keep away from agents who try to paint a utopic image of your life in Australia. Likewise, you should be extremely vigilant of unregistered agents who ask you for payment before they provide you are provided with a formal client agreement as required by the Migration Agent’s Code of Professional Conduct.

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