4 secrets for a successful visa application

Each year, thousands of migrant, family, student and work visa applications are lodged with the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection. While some succeed, many are refused.

Of the rejected applications, some are refused due to ineligibility or fraud. However, a surprising number fail due to misunderstandings or simple mistakes. To ensure your visa application is accepted, simply follow these tips.

#1 Provide evidence

Everything you state on your visa application must be independently verified. This means, your work history, qualifications and assets must be proven with concrete evidence. The most effective way to do this is with government-level documents. To prove your work history, for instance, you should provide payslips, tax returns and group certificates.

#2 Consistency is crucial

When your visa application is submitted, every detail is cross-checked. This is to ensure there are no inconsistencies in your paperwork. Unfortunately, many visas are rejected due to small, inconsistent details. The most common problems occur with details like study and employment dates. To ensure your application is successful, keep all pertinent documents and forms, so the details line up.

#3 Be accurate

Most visa applications are checked several times over by different agents for consistency. This also means there’s a higher likelihood of spotting mistakes. One of the most common errors is made in visa history. Migration agents frequently find that the dates do not match up.

So, we recommend doing a thorough search through your emails and Facebook posts to ensure every date is accurate. If you’re unsure, you can even bring your computer into the office, so our staff can check your records.

#4 Honesty is essential

Being honest during the application process is essential because if you get caught, you can face serious consequences. If you are not transparent, the Department can ban you from lodging future visa applications. It’s important to remember that it’s much more likely your visa will be rejected if you hide something, rather than disclose it. This is particularly important when lodging Form 80, the document concerning character assessment and identity.

At CNA Immigration we are committed to ensuring your visa application passes with flying colours. To have a pair of expert eyes go over your details, simply call or email the friendly team today.