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Why Has My Partner Visa Been Refused?

By Migration Agent Sydney | Migration Agent Sydney | 30 Apr 2019

It can be disheartening to have your partner visa refused, but if you understand the reason why then you still have a chance at rectifying the problem. Here are some common reasons that partner visas are not accepted:

The relationship isn't genuine

For a partner visa, you'll need a significant amount of evidence proving that the relationship you have is genuine. Many people will try to stay in Australia under the pretense of a relationship, but the DHA are only interested in couples who intend to be together for the long term. Your relationship might be genuine, but if you didn't support this fact well enough, then your visa could have been rejected. Your relationship might not have been considered true for many reasons, including a lack of documents or inconsistent dates. Make sure both you and your partner submit information that matches up, as an honest mistake can take you right back to the drawing board.

Falsified documents

Many people think it's a good idea at the time to forge documents in their desperation for a visa. Not only is this morally questionable, but you'll always be found out in the end. The immigration office is incredibly vigilant when it comes to matters like this, so it's not advisable to even try and enter Australia under false pretenses.

You missed the deadline

There's often a tight deadline involved when it comes to submitting your application for a partner visa. There's not much leeway, so unless you want to have to start from scratch, pay attention to the dates you're given. Make sure you submit all the relevant information well in advance of the cut-off date, as postal delays could cost you the success of your application. It's also always a good idea to confirm that your application has been received. If you don't receive an e-mail, then make sure you ring to chase up its progress.

If you're hoping to obtain a partner or another kind of visa, you could benefit from a migration agent helping you along the way. Get in touch with us here at CNA Immigration to make your passage into Australia a much smoother one.

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