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By | Migration Agent Sydney | 11 Jun 2015

Recently, I had a family member who I had not seen for a long time come for a visit. Our conversations led me to realise that despite being a registered migration agent since 2008, my family and friends have no idea what my daily life is like. It occurred to me that if they have no idea, then surely my clients and prospective clients have no idea either.

So if you’re a person who has ever considered what Australian immigration is like from where migration agents stand, here is my attempt to offer an explanation:

Migration Agents cancel dinners, engagements and other social events when they know their clients have a deadline. We find ourselves more often than not apologising to family and friends for being late or not being there at all.

Migration Agents change their holiday schedules around major changes to Australian immigration law. For example, the Department of Immigration will be increasing Visa Application charges on 1 July, in some cases by nearly $2500.00 and I will not be taking a break until this fast approaching deadline for my affected clients will be met.

Migration agents work through their days with an empty stomach and a dry mouth for hours (well I do anyway), because we feel guilty if we take a moment to ourselves. Because our clients are waiting. Migration agents whether they know it or not, are expected to manage their clients anxieties and fears. After all, the work we are trusted to complete directly affects the lives of others.

Migration agents worry about their clients – a lot. The most dreaded task of any migration agent is having to explain to their client why their visa has been refused, I personally take this akin to a Doctor telling a patient they do not have long left to live. Migrating to Australia is a life changing decision for any one person who would have spent many months hoping and dreaming for a better life. The last thing any migration agent would take pleasure in is telling their dreams have been shattered - We are here to help make those dreams a reality!

I apologise to any reader who thought I was going to confess to working as Batman at night in my secret life, but nevertheless I did enjoy writing (albeit briefly) about this topic.



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