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Technical Issues With The Subclass 870 (Parent) Sponsorship Online Form

By Migration Agent Sydney | Migration Agent Sydney | 24 Apr 2019

We have recently learned of a number of errors in the Sponsorship for a Family Member (Subclass 870) online application form, relating to who can be sponsored by the parent sponsor. We understand the Department of Home Affairs is in the process of correcting this information. 

Parent sponsor - who can be sponsored?

The error exists on page 15 of the online application form in the question: 'Is the visa applicant the parent of the sponsor?'

Under the Regulation 2.57 definition of “permitted sponsored person”, a parent sponsor may sponsor their own parents, the parents of their spouse or defacto partner and/or the parent of a deceased spouse or de facto partner.

The form currently only recognises the first option of the Regulation 2.57 definition. That is, a child sponsoring their own parent/s. 

Income test - how many years evidence?

The online application form for the Subclass 870 visa currently requests evidence of taxable income for the last two financial years - 'Does the sponsor have their Australian taxation notice of assessment for the previous two financial years?'

Legislative Instrument 19/146 specifies that the income test must be met for the most recently completed income year.

The mistakes made by the Department of Home Affairs in publishing incorrect forms demonstrate the value a highly skilled and experienced Migration Agent can add to your case. With visa application charges ranging from $140.00 - $10,000.00, the failure to pay attention to detail can prove costly. 

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