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By | Migration Agent Sydney | 30 Apr 2015

Migration agent or immigration lawyer reviews are very helpful in determining the experience of your representative. They are effective in helping you find out what people who actually used the services of the migration agent or immigration lawyer think about their past experiences with your potential representative. It would be fair to think you should expect a similar level of satisfaction if you choose to engage the same migration agent or immigration lawyer who has received the positive reviews. It would also be fair to think you will be dissuaded from any negative feedback posted in the migration agent review.

What do the past clients of your migration agent or immigration lawyer really think about them?

  • Were they slow to respond to enquiries?
  • Did they fail to deliver the promised services? 
  • Did they provide bad or incorrect Australian immigration advice?

Answering the important questions above are one of the most fundamental tasks you need to accomplish in your search for a migration agent or immigration lawyer - it's as simple to do as it is important. 

Client testimonials, which are reviews and comments from satisfied customers aim to help answer these questions. Off course, there are many other issues you would need to consider in searching for a migration agent or immigration lawyer and this article intends to focus on one minor issue you are likely to consider - migration agent reviews.

You may have already noticed our written Migration Agent Client Testimonials on this website and we also have a video testimonial for you to have a look at. However, we have gone one step further and recently partnered with TrustPilot which allows our past customers and clients to post feedback (either positive or negative) using a community driven platform. Our clients are able to voice their opinion which in turns helps improve and refine our service to the general public. All feedback - whether it is positive or negative will be immediately visible on the TrustPilot platform.

You can view our migration agent reviews on TrustPilot by clicking here. (If we have any bad or negative reviews, you should be able to see them here).

We no longer believe in outdated client testimonials, although they are of benefit to you as a potential client they are not always recent and admittedly, no migration agent is EVER going to post a bad migration agent review on their website.

Consumer needs are now changing. Our goal as migration agents in Sydney by utilising this approach is that our performance (good or bad) can be reviewed by any of our clients and will be immediately viewable by the general public to help with their decision making process. This states a great deal in relation to our confidence in delivering an efficient, trustworthy and competent Australian immigration service that will no doubt meet your expectations as a both a consumer and migrant to Australia. 


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