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By | Migration Agent Sydney, News | 26 May 2015

A young boy who was at risk of being deported back to the Philippines because he is autistic will now be allowed to stay in Australia with his mother.

Townsville nurse Maria Sevilla and her son Tyrone who have been in Australia for eight years, have had their skilled migration visa refused by the immigration department. This was because Tyrone’s autism did not meet the health requirements and may be a burden to the tax payer if he became a citizen later in life.

A 4,000-page petition was presented to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton last month asking for him to intervene who has decided to overturn the deportation order to grant the mother and son permanent visas.

The Minister has been quoted as saying:

"I looked at the case and I have determined we will provide these people with a permanent arrangement and permanent outcome in Australia and I think that's good for them," Mr Dutton said.

"I'm very pleased we can provide the assistance to a young boy who is in need of medical and educational support and as a generous country that's what we do."

Minister for Immigration and Border Protection has the power to substitute, for a decision made by one the review tribunals a decision that is more favourable to yourself if it is in the public interest to do so. This case illustrates the Ministers ‘public interest’ powers which have been exercised in this instance.

A migration agent is able to help prepare your submission for Ministerial Intervention. It is important that if your case reaches the stage where it has been refused by the Migration Review Tribunal that you seek professional guidance.

A migration agent is able to help prepare your submission for Ministerial Intervention who will prepare detailed submissions and to articulate your facts in accordance with the law so the Minister is able to exercise his public interest powers and to substitute a more favourable decision on your behalf.

(Note to the reader: Our office was not involved in this matter)

For further information on our website about Ministerial Intervention, please see http://www.cnaimmigration.com/ministerial-intervention

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