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By | Migration Agent Sydney | 26 Apr 2015

Have you ever wondered what it is your migration agent or immigration lawyer could be doing after you have sent that very important email enquiry? Have you ever thought why have they not yet responded to my enquiry, have I been forgotten, or is my case no longer important to my migration agent or immigration lawyer?

Migrating to Australia is a big  and important decision for anyone to make. Choosing the right migration agent or immigration lawyer is just as important and if not more difficult of a decision to make, so it is understandable that you as a client both expect and deserve a timely response.

I canot answer the questions above on behalf of the 5000 + Registered Migration Agents in Australia, however I can tell you with confidence that none of my clients are ever forgotten and each client file is just as important as the next. I am also certain the 5000 + agents in Australia treat their clients just the way I treat my own - however we all have our own schedules which are unique to how we individually work that may affect the timeliness of a response.

Here you will find the outline for a typical working day for a migration agent. More specifically, this is what my schedule looks like on most weekdays:

7am: Over a cup of coffee, my first task for the day is to review all emails that were received overnight. I have clients located in many parts of the world and find that emails are received even as I sleep.

7.15 am: I take a look at my diary and see whether or not I have any deadlines for the day that need to be met. If not, I proceed to review whether or not there are any deadlines that are fast approaching. These are the Australian visa applications for the day that will need to be actioned as a matter of priority.

7.30 am - 12.30 pm: I try to spend a minimum of 5 hours per day engaged in case work. Case work refers to physical work on a clients file which can involve (but is not limited to) preparing visa applications, skills assessments and written submissions to the relevant authorities. I do not ever usually finish my 5 hours work at 12.30 pm due to the fact I am also available in this time to take calls and respond to client enquiries. The only time I am not able to take a call is if I am with a client, however I aim to set all my appointments outside of my 5 hour case work period.

1.30 pm - 5 pm: During this time, I am available for meetings with both current and prospective clients. I will meet with current clients to help advance their Australian visa application and to resolve any issues. I will also meet with prospective clients for the first time to help determine whether or not I am help with their Australian immigration requirements.

Again, during this time I am available to respond to client enquiries, emails and phone calls. However, if I am unavailable I will respond to the enquiry as soon as my schedule for the day permits.

5 pm - 6.30 pm: During this time, I review whether or not I have any unanswered client emails for the day. My personal target is to ensure that all enquiries received prior to 3pm receive an appropriate response for the day. Once my emails have been checked, I have a listen to my voice mail to determine whether or not there are any client phone calls I may have missed for the day. If there are any, I will give the client a quick call to let them know they have not been forgotten and to resolve their enquiry.

My final task as a migration agent for the day is to reflect on whether or not I have kept the clients I have interacted with for the day happy? If my clients are happy then I am happy and can sleep well at night ready to do it all over again the next day.


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